In addition to being able to directly sell Cisco branded devices, SDK as an Approved Partner can customize devices such as network switches and router product families which are compatible with the desired operating conditions (humidity, high altitude, extreme climate, vibration, shock, salt fog, IP etc.). All environmental tests are carried out in-house to verify the devices we have developed.

Industrial Ethernet Switches

The Cisco ethernet switch products consists of devices that can perform their functions reliably in harsh working environments.

LAN Access Switches

Cisco Catalyst network access switches consist of wired and wireless devices that can continuously optimize to significantly simplify network operations and support business objectives.

LAN Compact Switches

Due to the powerful and compact designs of the devices in this product family, you can expand your existing network quickly and safely.

LAN Core and Distribution

Cisco Catalyst and Nexus campus core and distribution network switches offer a lot of usage areas thanks to their features-scalable, high port speeds and types. They are devices developed to support your ever-increasing network infrastructure needs in the long term.

Data Center Switches

Cisco Nexus and SAN (Storage Area Networking) devices are included in this product family. These devices, where high performance, speed, reliability and operations can be automated, are indispensable products of Data Center or similar infrastructures.

Small-business Switches

In this product family, there are devices developed to meet the network needs of medium-sized businesses in a reliable and fast manner for many years.